Top Priorities for Dave Morell – Pierce County Council District 1 (R)

#1 - CRIME

Dave Morell will continue the fight to keep the Pierce County Sheriff’s office equipped & striving for success, building upon their stellar reputation. Safety and crime prevention are Dave’s objectives, especially when funding the Sheriff’s department. He believes in the Pierce County Sheriff’s core values of integrity, respect, responsibility, courage, and compassion. Also, alleviating extra burdens and empowering the deputies for enforcement of major crimes are his goals for greater accomplishments that make our area stand out as a safe and wonderful place to live.


Dave Morell will strive to open up the possibilities of projects that will ease traffic in District One.  He will look out for Pierce County to see that current transportation projects are practical within time frames, and bring fresh perspective to get better solutions.  Building bridges between local, county, state, and federal governments is the intention Dave has for efforts through some of the more complicated areas.  He acted before on the Transportation committee in Olympia as the 25th District State Representative, getting the 24th St overpass built on State Route 167 that improved traffic flow and allowed for development of the Sumner industrial area.


Dave Morell is an advocate for economic growth and local job creation because for 35-years he has run multiple businesses with employees.  He wants Pierce County to thrive with opportunities for jobs, encouraging business-friendly centers, and keeping taxes low so you can have more of your paycheck.  Getting our veterans employed is another priority as they have served our country selflessly, which it makes sense to have services that can help them transition into our community.

A Sustainable Budget to Live within Pierce County’s Means

Dave Morell envisions himself as an active member of a council that prioritizes expenditures; he will work on using existing tax revenue effectively & focusing resources on roads and public safety while protecting land-owners from abuse.  Dave has stood for these things in Olympia, as a fire commissioner, and a business owner. He will do it again in Pierce County for you in District One.